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About us

Manufacturers since 1993

We are a company with extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of lifting towers. We manufacture in Spain, and we guarantee the efficiency, safety and durability of all our products.

Our role as manufacturers allows us to achieve maximum quality while making continuous improvements to our processes to detect any incidents during manufacture.

Moreover, we apply special techniques to extend the lifespan of most of our metal parts, studying the materials being used their conditions in the work environment.


Our long experience provides us with the necessary knowledge to manufacture high quality products that meet current market needs


Our products meet all safety standards. Our towers are certified to European Standards (Directive 2006/42/CE and BGV C1 and BGG 912 standards)


Our in-house team of professionals specialise in the maintenance and repair of all our products. We are part of the industry and know that after-sales service is key to covering market needs


We focus on the international market by offering our products both in Spain and in countries such as the United States and Germany, among others. These are highly demanding markets that clearly value our outstanding products