• Truss Adapter AT-G

    Truss Adapter.

  • Adapter AC12


  • Bar Support Acoustic Boxes

    Bar Support for Acoustic Boxes.

  • Support Bar Parallel Structures

    Support bar for parallel structures. System compatible with 29.

  • Truss Side Support Bar

    Fixing system for laterally fixed trusses. Length 212 mm.

  • Adjustable Truss Support Bar

  • Fixed Truss Support Bar

    Fixed-width truss support bar. Compatible with 29 truss.

  • Spotlight Bar

    System for holding 6 lights. Length 1960 mm. (Tripod not included).

  • Claw steel 1

    Reinforced steel grip with movable head plate. Maximum capacity 200kg.

  • Claw steel 2

    Reinforced steel grip. Maximum capacity 120kg.

  • Claw steel 3

    Steel grip with protection plate. Maximum capacity 80 kg.

  • Claw steel 4

    Standard steel grip. Maximum capacity 30kg.

  • Claw steel 5

    Steel grip for round tube between 15 and 20 mm. 20kg.

  • Double Bar Support

    Lifting system of two parallel bars.